load up in the sky
before doing a thing
shift gears in the ground
size hampering

perfectly awkward
dream sets are struck
making back pages
of a drive

I've got phone numbers
here to call
but no answers
to your many unspoken questions

off to boot
and repair to bank
a day goes
against the sound of ice

man wants
name haunts
woman waits
old tales

extra lines
tell how
we breathe
together a plot

add size
to the measure
of a day
turned aside

sky tree
proper number

a fever states
obligations on tight
clamor for public
opinionated rainforest

conceivable light
half tone half balance
lights on glass

lanes converge on
habit of reflex
to jam the frequency
she walks to

the arterial manners
have neither a clue
to housing nor motor
sounds in all courtesy

fast strips
fan the bastard
as the ant
moves off screen

little reason
to doubt

albeit wholesome
the name for advice
is silk
in a glass run

cheers tear into the carpet
walls lean in
feelings well up
before noon

water returns to drop
form the top draw
flashes from a booth
on all saints' eve

rite cancels domino theory
sound has been alternately
cars going about the day
substitutions pennants on a line

cavalier impresario
my beats are pressed
calling a halt
to splintered diction

two dots flash on
& off between flex &
apart from bodily changes

what notes bang out
the bottom
are hot
but coolly handed over

decide to stay
in this realm
claim honor due you
sense data sent to you

plowing air back under
the trailer picks up
speed where the feature
left off laughing

size creates wonderful problems
space is the prize
coordination wins
by dint of the hit

cover me over
flip my lid
we came out
so you did

circles round a clearing
air doubles back
as a scarf
about the traffic

action is the property
of molecules
morning sun
my own

clear division
windows the day
water beads up
the screen

a graph of voices
would set them apart
from the turbulent feelings
they engender

thought takes
no time at all
words stick
on the page

in my head
between ears
and throat
for years on end

said again
night after night
the way of life commits

bodies to memory
stray moves
turn out the light
clash harp

rope color
separate scenes coalesce
you'll feel it now

the friends of sleep
assemble daily
to carve your
busy schedule

who was that
voices on the radio
turn indicator

around the horn
early explorers
pick up tips
get native smarts


air down near freezing
job done
walk in new neighborhood
old coat with torn lining

houses shut up tight
light curtained in
warm bodies bedded down
in town

eyes fast
to the street sky
I took a walk
without a word

stiff pull
touch local heart
matter prime
the mind around the block

voice it out down there
this my office
to slack off

awake a week
told it was up here
all along
the sky folds

about to step
off the curb
and when all is said
something's left

as if the words
were crying
from force

approaching office windows
there is no discipline
shapes cut contain the real
a perfect match for space

focus beyond and
lights move motion
to the fore
in an array that speaks