"Alfred Jarry wrote: 'For anyone who knows how to read, the same sound or the same syllable always has the same meaning in every language.' . . . Jarry analyzes the word industry on the model of the word alphabet: 'in-dus-tria, one, two, three, in every language.'" - Tzvetan Todorov, "Number, Letter, Word," The Poetics of Prose (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1977), 202.


Ration out and combustibles weight absolute in the muscle tissue because I've oh so considerable a haunt to clear and all night on and off to believe it. Where the lanes cross dolls on hand portray dollar amounts to the flexed ring, a sky, a dim blind, held up to excess for one seldom seated, all purpose halving for cool thumbs. Batted, set, coalescing on a screen, the clear facts were too purposive, standing in line for change, when all of you arrived to put out the word, smoldering. Rings dash to the wall. A hand place fetters the will to be off, clogging shocks where feasible mounts lope duneward. Drive and set and sit down, the columnists figure out a way to keep the cups from sliding off the steps, by tacking into the blow. Quite passable window ledge out. Dogleg around the fuming head and come on out from under those covers, you. White shirt and pants goes down the avenue. Collective pride, that's what almost made a sound in the dark amphitheater, when par for the course slipped a mind onto somebody's lucky starve, when just beyond the wall a chair cracked. Dizzying heights were brought in, but the passive voice turned over in bed and motioned, a rare day in the life of a spine. The tables were set separately and set apart, but when the deck rolled the settings were messed. Altogether, place to place categories finish last. You consider the ground and nod. Two of you nod back. They turn and drop into the atmosphere. I don't follow you. Anger flashes when we start to think, the conditions are fucked, but whole skies course directional, caught in a fine net of spray. Bouncing sounds fill out the source. Calligraphy shades an honest attempt to get on, maizey fuchsia piles billiard mass to date. Foreign to me, the jailhouse secretaries beat on the symbols for a walk, a curious attitude strikes the plastic arrangement of accumulated stress points that collapses first. Over the shoulder clarity pursues a ship at state where there is harmony and you can succumb. Dole hoppers squire the dusk, and it has been constant enough to seem with the bare threat. One way on, the conclusion is a starting point, the opening a sum. Lines wrap a blanket on sight. This time the date has been removed from between two trees. Full of clothes, the body can hardly stand up. Written in a piece on the supreme cut, the recipe for patient verve strokes practitioners one letter at a time too many, so that a vast quantity can be nor more than a nit. By that time the conveyor of all that cash comes around once more to be doubly prized, once for the marvelous location of the vacant lot, once for the pile of all things. If I hold the match steady the flame will obscure my shadow, and I will begin to tell you the story of the number gland. Two doors west of the sun's total range a card hollow squats below the word plane, initial to a fault. Volunteers crease the volume.

Container freight by half, stretch and you will receive could have said that. The president is a prostitute too. Do the bankers wallow? You bet. You stand outside in the rain, just in from the mountains and down on your determinism. By flying the cost is high, and a work schedule must be drawn up in advance. There are very small units, but forget that. Constrained is doff your title. Blank wall part with parallel trainees. Do I have to talk I into the paper? And why not? Glows brochure. Put to a bit of this salvage on. Sizewise you have it all over instantaneous suspension. And if not let me open this oaken door, there's a raised surface I've heard about on the last. Perhaps bitten would be correct. I'm twice deuced to hear it. And your friend there seems to be ready for another day we threw cherry bombs into the lake which I doubt. You listen as the flood approaches. Ramification would be playing both sides. We walked both sides of the street, one level higher, that's business. By adding to the wealth of my nation I cut out subscription blanks in a foreground. Wine is understanding. The wheels of big trucks spin by with tremendous signals, vision posted. Then turned out, look at you. A sheet of color, a dial, a curtain rod, a scots terrier, glass, the dictionary lay, separated, barked, appeared, controlled and astonished the docents, the temperature, the next day, at him, inside from out, on a stack of books and papers, parenthetically. Activity drops amuse the steel men. But I am softer than a puff. The rule is, friction minces the cast. They've got their big ideas on, and are inching forward, itching.

Heating realms stays the case, a perfectly natural movement that issues seaward. Concubine survival shops rank the handle. I've got more hands out back. The floor is empty now save for the holidays. Vibrations call recognition across the avenue, as familiar faces physique the stream. Rent a hall times butter, the rest stays away, kitchen footage. Arbitration tears burn the greater voice region of the past. Low calls to fight back sap the tan. A rise is butting. Tend to be, the waves tend to be high, a bee hive. Actually went back the next day, trucks gone, all cars. Will to possible on introduce cooperation can be by Mayan operants in toto. Peculiar marks wash away the highly flammable surface until a bluish tinge weds irony to ecstasy so that a plenum is your bed now sleep. Seeing surprise, a toast of air pans out outside, the traffic thins, and a tremendous zero bursts at the seams. Loving, here air keeps posting for a stay, the wetness beams are well in place, all stores are stocked, haply meaning as chance would have it. When you walk your body around me, talk through taking positions to where we're embarked on what it is that so enjoins us, the continuance of lapsed term, built into the anticipation of solved regard plus lit. Special features obscure the actual bright shape before an atmosphere combines shrinkage with release in order for a full house to bring itself down at the right moment.

Screen in or icicles evaporate at a glance unless you fill one room at a time every day continuously and doubt it. If a truck makes its approach, the girls in the diner write up the checks in diamond, the earth, fanning whirr, put down to a scant offing, the cause tripling in hot fingers. Balled, teased, coming apart at the seams, the obscure theories were aimless enough, pushing ahead as always, unless one of me departed to ignite a thing. Spikes circle round from the center of the room. The foot time springs a prohibition on location, dissolving blandishments when improbable subterfuge sinks oceans. Walk or scramble or stand up, a biologist couldn't believe the way the water went. straight up the ladder. Completely blocked door jam jar. Go right through the cool torso and get back into being, I. Black hat and shoes come up the lane. Individual shame, this is the source of a blinding light in a silent cubicle, where exceptional strength sent a chile pepper into everbody's fated feast, where this side of the window the table joined. The yawning abyss will have been removed, and the active language stood straight up and down in air and frozen, an ordinary night outside mineral time. The chairs were mass produced and bound together, and when the floor flattened out the arms and legs got right. Taken separately, time to time particulars start first. I ignore the figure and shake. One of me shakes forth. She turns and rises into the cuisine. You lead me. Ardor deepens if you stop to feel, the fucking rezooms, and half lands prance polyvalent, released by a rough disc of wine. Rolling sights empty into the mouth. Illustration illuminates the furtive coincidental arrival, neat coreopsis erases pool anti-mass from place. Dear to you, the palace deacons stroke the signs for a curve, an oblivious local assumes the rigid mess of reduced fault lines that builds the longest. Straight ahead obscurity flees from an oceanside town, where there is dissonance, but I will prevail. Profit slitherers page the dawn, but it has been too intermittent to have been a veiled promise. Two means off, the opening finishes, the end an initial. Points break a hole through sound. Over there an hour will be placed outside many buildings. Nude inside, the mind, easing, reclines. Spoken into the whole minor body, a report on impetuous sloth hammers theorists way shy of the mark, unless a grain is universal. There the receiver of such credit goes away finally, singularly scorned, forever in the terrible moment of the crowded emporium, again in the pit of no ideas. When you jiggle the cigaret the ash traces your soul, but you have finished singing the song of the letter machine. One window east of the moon's half domain a cash mound rises above the thing point, perfectly total. Enlisted men even out the proportions.

Suspension bridge on cue, stand and I will deliver would have written this. The corporate is a customer tube. Will the right mouth reckon, aye aye, I run down court in the sun, one eye to the trailer and up on my metabolism. By pivoting the "d" is fixed, and a play rhythm might be tuned up in a clinch. There's a very big large system and I mean this. Released is don my contents. Full view jump to synthesized Zen deeds. Will you ever walk high above the empire? But what for? Suitable plaint. Get a load of this Babylon. Up front I'm calling all quarters multifarious detention. But then so please close that petal wall, it's the printed page you've read about from the first. Definitely sucked is wrong. You're aced for once to see so. But my fiend here demands eternal night to drop apple blossoms on the grass you believe. We watch the drought slacken. Simplification should be working one in front. You ran one in front of the embassy, two floors down, this's a snap. To reduce the power elite paste up rhetoric charges in the background. Water is forgetting. The lights of tiny trains shoot past the miniature billboards prophesy bound. When straightened out, listen to me. The blanketing shapes, the button, the telephone pole, a black cat, steel, the newspaper stood, united, wanted to know, held up, would never be pushed, obscured the canvas, hopefully, the lines above the street, what time it was, history with the future, for decent and humane shelter. Indolence grains irritate the ether women. And you are harder than a straight shot. An exception is, fluidity melds directions. We have our little practices, and are bounding backwards, tingling.

Walking streets makes the greats, a barely intentional stasis that opens skyward. Leonine majestics braid the word. You put one foot in front. The ceiling's crowded, pinned to the workweek. Situations ring understanding from beneath the cloverleaf, when strange bodies mind the flow. Purchase a lawn cut with dough, the main thing comes on, laundry room tapes. Jury trial humor cools the central listening post, the future. High responses from wrestling forth prime the sun. A glide is adding. Inland sea, the famous inland sea dies, see dice. Really came on the same night, ships in, no boats. Held to a minimum or disabuse confrontation with Yurok doctors a bit. Ordinary lines mark a dissolved interior before the red scare breaks sarcasm over the back of joy so that a void is my alarm the wake up. Hearing the expected, the dozens string rooms together, the families jostle, and a tentative coalition forms. Hating, there fire starts driving for release, the dryness foundation is off kilter, the cargo plundered, definitely indicating no doubt at all. When I run my mind for you I listen to faking transitions because we're stuck on what doesn't apply, halting perpetual sequence, knocked out of the recollection of isolated spite minus shadow. Regular programs conceal the imagined dark subsistence while desire pares swelling from restraint although an empty hand holds itself out as the last monument.

Image out and flames harden far from the stare only when I empty the hallway separately one night sporadically but believe me. When the road removes my departure, a boy outside a latrine ignores the balance by heart, a sky still current, sent up to the wide circle, an effect diminishing on cold foot. Courted, stroked, going into the stretch, a clear thing would be too pointed, pulling back instead, because two of you arrived to douse every theory. Satin surges straight to the edge of the picture. A finger palace falls, the permission to vacate adhering to outrage, whereas likely leaders hoist airs. Talk and sort out and sit down, the prime minister insists on a a block a clod broke, curved down a pipe. Partly open window sash robe. Come all over a warm head and give out onto streets, O. White shoes so hat goes down the road. Group pride, it's a mouth of total darkness on the clamorous main, while common weakness beckoned with Brazil nuts from somebody's desultory lunch, while that side of the wall a chair collapsed. A tight rope was to be installed, or a passive tongue laid curled down or up under water or hot, the exceptional day inside vegetable space. The trees were separately planted and set apart, and if a roof pointed off, the limbs and trunks went bad. Expressed altogether, space to space universals end last. You notice the field and freeze. None of you rattles back. He stays but falls from the decor. I read you. Sloth thins so I start to think, the killing lets up, because whole oceans lie unilateral, bound by a smooth cubic mass. Static sounds fill up my ears. Abstraction blocks an overt planned exit, messy calendula sketches divestiture pro-speed-of-light off time. Horrid to us, a prison guard hammers a wall with a brick, the keen drifter feigns the fluid air of piled honor points that dissembles the quickest. Round about notoriety charges toward the landlocked citadel, where there is harmony, and you have failed. Overhead leapers number the evening, insufficiently bright to expose malice. One averages on, the closing starts, the opening a suffix. Lines connect a plug with light. Under here a day is stuffed into a cup. Clothed frame, that body, tensing, jumps. Written into the partial major mind, an interrogation of calculated fury stops researchers just along for the surface, because the ether is particular. Here the dealer in deep debt comes near for once, widely praised, once for the wonderful eternity of the empty street, previously on the mound of every thing. Where I still the pen the plastic creates my eyes, and I can start speaking the speech of the word animal. Two doors west of the sun's total range a check pit declines below the idea plane, irregularly reduced. Commissioned women kick up the color.

Trestle glen under sticks, lie down and you will receive has almost spoken then. The network is a franchise cube. Won't the left wing finger, hell no, you walk uptown in the rain, all hands to the fort and town of your generation. When zooming the bee is bonneted, and a work tempo can be jammed down on the slack. Then's a slightly small little integer, but you know that. Confined is doff your form. Empty new pump from analytic catholic words. Have I ever laid low beneath a hovel? And why not? Inappropriate brag. Loose the purchase on that Zion. Down behind you're yielding the state singular, abandoned. And now kindly open this bulb window, it's the secret rage we've heard of to the man. Maybe blown is right. I'm queened for all to believe though. And your demon there offers fleet day to raise orange pits over the pavement I distrust. You hear the flood tense. Complication must be playing none out back. I played none out back of the camp, three ceilings up, that's a crash. To inflate the money conceit lay out poetry feints in certain foregrounds. Earth is remembering. The sounds of huge planes drop onto the giant calling-cards, second guessing. If buckled, look at you. The underlying colors, the hole, the power line, the yellow dog, glass the magazine lay, scattered, refused to believe, dropped down, had always been pulled, disclosed a view, savagely, the spaces below the sidewalk, which place this was, forecasting from the past, for miserable and monstrous exposure. Industry waves soothe the masked men. But I am easier than a curvaceous glass. An example is, solidity breaks commands. They have their big games, but are filing onward, wringing.

Running highways streaks the people, a wholly coaccidental dynamic that closes earthward. Chance gravelings comb the image. I remove the hand out back. The floor's empty, barn door the holiday. Forces blow misunderstanding all over the sidewalk, if normal minds embody blocks. Sell the house times cake, the least conception goes off, folding roof films. Arbitration solemnity fuels the border watch towers, the past. Low stimuli to boxing back drain the moon. A jag is cutting. Coastal range, the uncharted coastal range thrives, rage, thighs. Apparently bent on a different day, lips down, no joke. Thrown to the limit and misinform evasion with Hoopa lawyers a lot. Special planes erase a congealed exterior after the black joy joins ingenuousness onto the front of dread unless a plethora is your pill now boot up. Seeing the impossible, the cousins tear interstates apart, the loner demurs, or an entrenched rivalry is dislodged. Laughing, here the water stops running uphill, the wetness font is all tilted, no passenger unamused, possibly belying every hope for once. If you walk your body for me you fasten to true epochs because we've slipped from what really matters, sparking intermittent series, brought round by the intimation of emergent respect plus sun. Odd gestures indicate an authentic bright career as destiny attaches focus to fervor, besides, a satisfied eye turns others up at the least movement.