lime headlights. Curious Geo
on the coffee table in an
opportunity to share with you this
coagulant. Regular features
of a quiet night at home
installation. I'd like to
keeps falling back on
upstairs sleeping. I am
writing writhing. What are
is true? Threes in
as a trace, legend
on the face of a map.
negative on the street
and immediately stepped on
back in to order the extras.
A diary is selective and so is
kind of sound back of
I thought I told you to
TV circuitry, youngsters know so
still printed. Change the
subject enough, what's there to be
said takes shape, time and
time and a half. This is
voices say. Listen in on
coming from outside
times exotic nouns drawn
from a mental color chart
discarded by the philosopher.
Light sheds its skin and steps
down steps into water. Cracks
appear at pool bottom.
Breath, lights. Traffic at
palm trees below stretches out
the hills to the north, totally
dark. Curve in ceiling final.
pull-ups or sit-ups from parallel
didn't go. Could cut out as fast as
new pencil starts, some time in
Bay. Room pale sheets of thought
you'd probably object to
no, everyone very considerate
clue me in, solemnity, brouhaha
separated in banks. By the
order more check and not account
day done up as a parody of sleep
humorist motorists stop to comment
remarks are litter. Potatoes, sliced

hireling losses trick you out
in suit to play off
the bank, old Hammersmith
Odeon venue by the black cab
puffs and dance totems
in the Crown Apartments
contender cowcatcher oleo
on account of the organic street
corner structure of our post-
pseudo-medieval lives looked out
from in pre-dawn gin
naps, targets, train on train
I did that a million
sounds dumb, but opening
the way for insertion of true
live particulars flexed in heat
of momentary delay. Stay tuned
as reception denser than tempo
ranges home looking angelic
cryptic is spelled for a break
in the act, exhaustion
filling up air with buoyancy
parallelism, cash, bonds
tomatoes, radishes, artichokes
thing express, expressly yours
as impressionable at this age
held under the breath, salutes
slippery straights & flushes
wit to wither, fade or concede
damage done don't doubt a dime
to stop on any way out won't square
the deal with the boys in back or no
you'll get by all right by not standing
tough guy talk a minute longer
than the door, revolving to
let out on town lines a certain flame
person, place or thing. Sharp points
prick the skin to keep design on
the face, myth on the mind, soul
on eyes, the way a stale highway
holds down land, all the way along

half a block away. Timed
streets for days, zeroing
perhaps you'd like one of
not on your life, I
seem to remember you from
birds on a wire. The sun
is nowhere. That's awfully
let it soak. Time was
the elbow bent out over
the boardwalk, the beach
semi-gloss panty hose
up ahead here. J.J.'s
shaded by a row of olives
tilt the machine. The
surplus gets counted at
the end of the line, quarter.
What profits we make
we'll plow back in.
Being late makes millions
in interest for big insurance
scratch backers. Hold the
pneum-. Air keeps
stratoloungers, base periods
low profile ports of call
cities hanging coastal
by now. Beat the
close shave. Alvin
when we get down there
there's a fair chance
whether the weather
expectation inch or
slide trombone in an
oligopoly. As experience
more of the same, changes
imperceptible. The weight
dust blows off the top
cordoned off. Doubleknit

sings in the organloft
baldfaced placid banter
pointed remark zing terribly
bother you right now.
Golden slippers. I've a
snatch of tool you'll
third and gone. There
the lariat makes its grand
sweep, but who will
tighten, who be caught
the words get stuck
the referent locates the referee
attention drives the puck
a gap is. Jump
up a title in
your friendly neighborhood
missed much. While you were
water in the pipes
a daughter arrived at
events separated in space
had only a thought relation
temporizing. Tunes to date

august contemporaries. By the light
holding zones at cost, but the biggest factor
twilight of the zones. Then I watch
too bad we don't have
weightless. Instead of some
argument under the arms
play run it back.
Form in every inch of human
contract. Is there or
one way? Sealed. See
haberdasher for rock
through window. Past
claptraps phenomena
pulverizer swoon auction.
All right all right.
But the eaves, wings
holding the fall in place
time spent in viewing that
seems like a moment later.
Dog high pitch.
Time spent
seems like a thing. Illusion
rents object. Pays on
time, the horses' hooves
disappearing at the post
a thin band of air
collection agency. Parenthetical
fracture. This happens because
like that wouldn't you
anger hangar
see the difference. You don't?
shot his mouth off
so turned round in a dream
configuration. Satisfies
absolutely. In making a record
the sense of falling
(forward?) in space
then's transformed to read
presentation, but I
o bowl of sighs
you can't really go that
he's discovered the walls
they go along so far depending on how closely
you put your head up to the flat white surface of
and so on. But the only real
freeway traffic, buoy bells, railyard wheeze & clank
terrific. And so I open my hand
and so do they. People
right down to when to do the
things like that every day.
not at all bad.
particular sense of urgency
how things are. These are the

shake well. Your memory is nothing but a
don't want to stand in the way of
identifying with yourself so fully as to
number, size, color, an agreement
operation on the third floor. Somebody's got
light on down on the dock. Bump
smack into relation determined by money
heading down the tracks. The colors
afraid to let go of the rope, meaning
you live around here? Stopping
is a new line on carrying, minus
the invoice. Collect on all you've ever
here later. You know me by
hope. Calendar pages away, the day
'll hit the water in a different way
lives arrived at fire pricing
supernumerary. Hired to appear
as in a mob scene or spectacle
dictionary pratfall. Irma
Irma in a rush. Then I saw
moving across the surface
by minute intervals. The young
needs a tape to measure the
door to the wall, lines discovered
by blind bugs in baroque lighting
fixtures, sound the key to
erasing ten reams white

self-contradiction the ultimate
invisible double. Legs
later shameful feelings
in tact. Blunt
statement would be ideal
holding pattern. In place of
time, a quantity of space
had been preserved in hill
form. Living in, up in the
sky mounts, the blood took
on the black of polyvinyl.
Ages round a curb.
harboring. Take a reading
the weather changes the dark
bridge lights where the door was.
Curve in an out of a bowl.
There's pressure on the pins.
standard footing. Back
in the sensorium. Irresponsible
I'm not going to bother much about
as one daily into the ground. Water
rushes before we start to edit.
Each point on a line's an
intersection. Drive a tract
the land's planted in different
big areas. I hear talk in
many places, all ways to arrive
are paper thin, perfect
bounce. Vote capillary. All action
the field can't be said to sit still.
I was framed. You is riding high
in sleep, folded into a peach
calendar. At cross purposes
an expanse of green meets the blue
of the sea sky, still grey from
totalling up numbers in a register

forge past valley. You don't say
stop giving things emotions. That's
the trouble nowadays, people are treated
when you're wrong because you see
anger in me. I don't think the difference
is important. No, she's talking about
what the dogs were after? Sound alone
is not enough. Film rhythm is in
the head. Chosen site. Lights go
stunning. A church bounces into view
the Olympics in L.A. next time. Why did
swimming alongside the windsurfers
forget a bag containing the complete
stationary pivot point is where I
got off and walked the rest of the way
in the snow. One's hair was long, another's
short enough to follow all the way
through. They put the paints away and
hung out to dry. Next week the shopping
craze will wear down the pavement in
vogue again, and a silver samurai belt
open seven days, will pull you by
the way you do the things you do do instead of
dwelling on certain gaps that might just
as well over half a million strong subscribe
to in off moments like the one this picture
fails to represent. Close to the face
the air is thin and fades a little
before the portico at dawn, a figure
concealed in the folds of a this bathrobe
originally shipped to the director by
a story. But I could only think
even that. A flamingo and a lioness
days puffing vertical and horticultural
semblance. There the ordinary
which way to go. Voyages
discover a reflex. Time gone
over carefully to remove all. Then
again so we get kind of satisfied
there. Only ocean, three winds, sigh
minded him of a couch. The next room
was invented just in time to
banish intruders. He is not
a capitalist. She is not a fellow
traveler, the sentimental
color comes out of the earth. Sky
particularly rough on you. Easy
does it come apart by itself or
heartwood's durability, unless there's
cheers and racing about under bleachers
bugs in the grassy night, all heavy
sobs, rocks crack against the door
in time for walks from tracks
cornstalks, games in the middle of
a continent. While later on it turns out

entire strategies to L-beam rheostatic bite
on account of the behalf. When I was in
yak therapy you have to follow the whole
course. In the stretch, puddles have formed
breakfast, and we didn't want to be late
for hours on film, years cut down to minutes
in the auditorium. You have always
is located higher up. And on the roof
a door opens and a man walks out holding
"the football" seven steps behind. He
our president doesn't know where he is
in Brazil the evenings are just right for hard
work downtown. Jobs go to the first
strong man, boss or military miniskirt
built by Baldwin. I've been expressly avoiding
capital punishment. Beads are sweet
the oval wobbles along quite a bit
twenty-eight teeth and all so young
and she among them, laughing and kicking

how the west was lost. Not simply
framed frames piled high, torched, screams
from the balcony at every false start
this-could-be-it points delay
the inevitable. What was foretold
was recently promoted to the position of
given, wrestle with it. Subsidy
pink and golden over angularity. Where's
the courage to stand or, not simply, stroll
leaf beds, glaring promise off denial's
haughty triumvirate: steam, lesion, co-
nexus—plaid happens. Chest
heaves bales out over the platform
catch. Hope works ok. Size
flips over on its back
shape. Then cut it out and paste
the side of a barn somewhere between
Starved Rock and Newfound Gap
clouds half falling off the desk
conspiracy docudrama all round
says it. There's a thing or two
stew put up to simmer in a
Caribbean. Memory alters the present
hold the heat has on one's
conjecture as to granting other
clemency, where one gets
high-handed lording it over one
night of a thousand days
chambers the sky forewent
argument into transparency. First
a wall with pushpins the size
red yellow white brown black
straits and seams dyed bright to
tuck it under. The sun is out.
Fine. So why sit turning
masking something you can't find?
Sure the other is out the door
being by for you and away as well.
Walls target proto-hypnotic eye span
as soon as a meaning wavers
lane violation in a rear view
two clocks back. But up and
inch by. And throw the coil or
stop erasing things, weed strains
without my attention locked putting a
tax on at the last minute

collapses in. The hold
dear to all land lovers
could turn inside out
liquid shirt. Streams
colored for sure the second
view of a lakes and tiny
after day. Make
turns suffice to flesh
a golden state I've not
attained since. Flexing
champing at the bit
part to reveal major
form, arms and legs
moving off stage, rope
twisted tight as a
table top. Ow!
but the contemporaries
flew with the wind
an orange peel a
yellow blue-lined pad

what left fissures in the lives of the English
speaking peoples? Slowly they came
to discover the secret call of every creature
in the forest, the signature of each leaf
and stepped about on a plain of high grasses
where birds were. Above us the sun
follows perfectly, by force of habit. Years
a shell game. Low clouds part to reveal a grid
water in a coke bottle with sprinkler top
memory planted their feet in the dance
box step. Courtship parallels slope of roof
hair on the back of your neck. Song
praise plaint truth struggle hustle settlement
of all we've known. Notes stride in
the throat, walk with me. A clip-
on tie is wrought. Any city afterlife
can come south on the color, no.
Tunes on end, rhythm solves the puzzle, space
no product masters can conquer. Meaning thrives
this time, a lack bemoaned by those
who follow old scripts to the letter. Change is
upon the land and seas and over there on the rooftop
ventilator tops spin with the wind. Silver paint, rust
that pen ran out of ink, a bottle of pink
green leaves in the window. The boys went
across the street to the 7-11 to get a paper.
I'm floored, high up. Traffic in goods
but on certain streets all is not well. The cold
realize you have to take care of people.
Trees stand as examples to trees, shadows
to us, of our building on the opposite wall.
cat peaks around window corner, cars slide by
differences to get up and live to. Walk
switch habits, callbox, plaza. You lean
in and out of time. Lunch is already
a silhouette on the deserted court

take a look on the flip
side of thought, so called because
the garage was broken into. All four
panes thick with condensation
view of hills in the haze beyond
chilly out there. Mail that
upside downtown Manhattan. Fake cab talk
pieces the still. Head over there
as could be. Parallels describe history
thick as postage. I've half a mind
cut rock right down to the quick
animal life, a trope the palms share
eye in the center on a chain. On and
clips in a desk work one on
empire and earth is. What left
silence is pre-condition and then there's
being. Those things shuttle, cook or go
new ore lens brook Lyn ease
to prove a point about time. Dispatch
clamoring in both wings. Plates on stage
serve as future. Between the actors
lies, total suspense, locked in by script
would happen. A double-headed
thus twice tongued and sighted snake
or none at all. Pouring, gesturing
made signals things, rain comes
into it, but we are no longer there, had
been enabled, would be having to catch a
go. Stops are disparate as sweaters
out of any in a station. Along wires
being very quiet, before sitting down to
show me how to make those hell of neat corners

of an evening. Discomfort is the first sign
up and take action, a swathe of light
mere illness. A glow, a shield, a belt
the approach to the airport, but he
all I can think of is the way
a narrowing process, but conversely
hips set sail for centuries. Climb
how you may, the roots go out in all
send word. Back in Madrid, our
utensils set out for another morning
collaborate with me on this venture
Geneva. Clickety-clack. Loud volleys
clothed and parted and room for three
bedside tables, lamps, convertibles, recliners
we live between and among. High above
MacArthur Boulevard for the past six months
judge the bullet. The boyfriend denied
feather duster, not a sponge in sight
the woodpile out back, the crunch
have at times daunted. Spool rims
chemical syllogism or grown man
carving old haunts out of chance baffles
then I saw you coming down from the radiolariat

shadows what you might want to hear. Glancing brick
green delivery paling to open the sky for receipt
cuts down the ravine. You place clink and windows
on the rear image. Outside sound, hairy spikes
tires on the road complete with look up
offering her a ride. Streetlights in sunlight
a controlled intersection. These scratches on my
still bare trees bear scrutiny, year after
housing the sense organs. Soft air when
grey rails and rust, the hospital on the opposite
balloon released above it. Some wind
then a bug up close. These sails remind me to
give you the slip. Bird moves with
weight, feet, fields, weed, deals, great
height above and below. The universe is
added on. Each integer stands in an open
square, where we were to meet the sailor
how they live in cities versus a sudden wreck
stand around the cars in the middle of traffic
mosquitoes already. The hook pulls the stage
to the cleaners. Birth and motor grass has
hands that touch the edge of the counter
happening as well. A thin solvent is
really starting to get me. Appeal to appeal
bladed dirt. You have. Then start it. The guy
I saw twice today miles apart, once running
bike up hill. A sound is coming over